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Hey, business rockstar! Ready to shred some serious brand waves? Welcome to KYUN-HD2 I-ROCK 105.1 FM, the heartbeat of Magic Valley’s active rock scene. We’re the definitive home of rock hits from the ‘90s to today, and with 4,351 hardcore listeners tuning in each week, we offer a high-voltage platform for your brand.

I-ROCK 105.1 FM isn’t just a station; it’s an adrenaline rush. We play the familiar, pulse-pounding tunes of bands like Disturbed, Tool, Metallica, and more. No fluff, no distractions. Pure, non-stop rock. It’s this relentless authenticity that captures our listeners and can amplify your brand.

Here’s Why You Should Crank up Your Brand with I-ROCK 105.1 FM:

1. Connect with Your Ideal Audience: Our core audience is men aged 25-54, with a solid listenership of adults 18-49. When you rock with us, you’re speaking directly to this potent demographic, ready to become your newest fans.

2. High-Octane Brand Resonance: When your message plays alongside our listener’s favorite rock anthems, it resonates at a deeper, more impactful level.

3. Stand on the Shoulders of Giants: Our listeners trust us to deliver uncompromising rock. When you advertise with us, you leverage that trust, aligning your brand with the grit and authenticity we represent.

How to Get Your Brand on the I-ROCK 105.1 FM Stage:
We offer diverse advertising options tailored to your brand’s unique needs. From pulsating commercials to innovative sponsorships, our award-winning creative team crafts compelling messages that mirror our powerful rock energy while maintaining a professional undertone.

Ready to rock your brand like a headliner? Fill out the form below and let’s start your brand’s world tour on I-ROCK 105.1 FM.