I-Rock 105.1’s Latest 30 Song Playlist


Last 30 Songs on I-Rock 105.1

Welcome to 105.1 I-Rock, the epicenter of Twin Falls’ rock music scene. Our playlist page is more than just a list; it’s a vibrant snapshot of the current rock radio landscape in Twin Falls, Idaho. Here, you will discover the last 30 songs that have electrified our airwaves, showcasing a dynamic mix that embodies the spirit of rock music in Twin Falls.

At 105.1 I-Rock, we are committed to delivering a rock station experience that revolves around the music. We continually update our playlist with the latest hits and the iconic classics that shape rock radio in Twin Falls. Whether you missed a song or simply want to experience the best recent rock tunes again, our playlist page serves as your go-to resource for rock music in Twin Falls. Tune in and crank up the volume with 105.1 I-Rock, the definitive voice of rock radio in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Symptom of Being Human

By Shinedown


By Seven Mary Three


By Slipknot

Crack Cocaine feat. Steve St

By Billy Morrison %26amp; Ozzy Osbour

Wherever I May Roam

By Metallica

The Death of Peace of Mind

By Bad Omens

Interstate Love Song

By Stone Temple Pilots

Friendly Fire

By Linkin Park

Down Rodeo

By Rage Against The Machine


By Drowning Pool

My Name Is Human

By Highly Suspect

Digital Bath

By Deftones

Mars Simula

By Chevelle


By Godsmack

Everything Zen

By Bush

I Stay Away

By Alice In Chains

Lowest in Me

By Stained

Self Esteem

By Offspring

Down With The Sickness

By Disturbed


By Crossfade

The Glass

By Foo Fighters

Got The Life

By Korn

Might Love Myself

By Beartooth


By Linkin Park

Head Like A Hole

By Nine Inch Nails

Fake It

By Seether

All Around Me

By Flyleaf

Screaming Suicide

By Metallica

Brain Stew   Jaded

By Green Day

Dead Don't Die

By Shinedown